Jane Griswold Radocchia


Architect / Geometer / Historian




Jane Griswold Radocchia



Architect - Geometer - Historian


18th c.

19th c.

Early 20th c.







My clients know their houses. They don’t want to move. I help make their houses suit their lives. Together we design better spaces.

​​​Each​ client is unique. Some ​need in-law suites; others, a workable kitchen. ​Some have children. Others don’t. My job is to help their houses work for them. Each house has its own issues and requires its own solutions.


I like to add light and flexibility so my spaces will be useful and delightful for many years.

Improving active and passive energy conservation is always part of my work.

Dismantling a house is always exciting.
Renovation reveals parts of the frame, the foundation, the joinery of an old house. But taking it down carefully shows us all of it.

I have worked with over 1200 houses, some modern, some 300 years old.

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Why I don’t show interiors -
I am protecting my clients’ privacy.


My clients also make many of the decisions.


I redesigned this existing c. 1980 bath and laundry space to provide a full bath, a half bath with laundry, and a closet.

The interior details were chosen by the client.