Jane Griswold Radocchia


Architect / Geometer / Historian




Jane Griswold Radocchia



Architect - Geometer - Historian






ge·om·e·ter (jē-ŏm′ĭ-tər)
1. A person skilled in geometry.

Can you use a compass to lay out a square?

Can you divide a square into 3 equal rectangles without measuring?

Can you set a square corner with a compass?

Your ancestors could and did. They called it Practical Geometry.

Many people knew it, not just those like VItruvius and Palladio who knew construction. Charlemagne asked Alcuin, the head of the cathedral school in Kent, England, to come to Achen in 782 to instruct his family and court in geometry, as well as arithmetic and astronomy.

I research and document the use of geometry in construction in the United States beginning with the early houses in the Colonies.

I explore the geometries used to frame and design barns, houses and churches.

I present workshops and lectures on geometry in construction.







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