Jane Griswold Radocchia

Architect / Historian






I am an architect.

I specialize in existing residential construction, ie: old houses.

I am also an architectural historian, studying vernacular residential architecture with a special interest in geometry.



As an architect based in Bennington, VT. and Andover, MA. I work with old houses and the families who love them.

For 40 years I have helped owners restore, repair, renovate and expand their houses.

During this time, I have worked with over 1200 houses, some modern, some 300 years old.

While holding a BA from Oberlin College and a M. Arch. from MIT, I consider my education truly comes from the houses I have worked on and the contractors I have worked with.       More



I am an architectural historian by accident. I found I was showing friends and clients the historic environment they lived in but did not see.

Writing a column in the local newspaper, Sunday Drives, gave me my voice. I enjoy sharing what I see; so I give lectures and teach seminars.

I know from my work as an architect how available materials and technology influence design and construction.

I am most interested in vernacular architecture, how we built to suit our climate and our needs using the tools and materials we had.       More



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Current work

Houses I've recently worked on.


1950's cape, expanded for new owner


1830's workers house, upgraded and expanded


1790 Federal with 1950's wing, small expansion and interior reconstruction